Kerrie Lee

Property Investment Manager

With 25+ years in the industry Kerrie brings a wealth of experience to the Property Management Team. Being an investment property owner herself, Kerrie recognizes the needs of an investor, and; understands the importance of maximising the investment potential of an investment property.

While experience is an advantage when dealing with people and properties, Kerrie also prides herself on maintaining up-to-date legislative knowledge, offering all-round quality property management service to Investors, their properties and tenants. On a personal note, Kerrie is a people person who loves problem solving, assisting others and ensuring Investors experience hassle free investment opportunities.

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    Expert (PIM)

What our customers say

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Thankyou for your efforts and professionalism over the past 3 and bit years. It didn’t matter if it was an inspection or bumping into you outside the office amongest the community it was always a pleasant conversation.

Karli Muir-Stokes

My experience with Kerrie has been exceptional to be honest. Any queries or questions I have ever had you have always responded in a quick and professional manner. Your communication between either myself or the tenants has been great as well. And my experience with LJ Hooker Yarrabilba has also been faultless. Anything that has been due (smoke alarm testing etc) has always been done and most of the time I don't even know that it is due. So thanks to yourself for always being on top of everything and getting things sorted out.

Josh - Yarrabilba Owner

I would like to comment on my association with Kerrie Lee from LJ Hooker Yarrabilba. We recently purchased an Investment Property and engaged LJ Hooker Yarrabilba to manage our rental. We were introduced to Kerrie Lee at our handover. Kerrie was lovely, great with relaying information, very knowledgeable and friendly. Communication with Kerrie is a breeze, she is prompt and helpful. I recently went on the 1st inspection with Kerrie, who spoke with me outside about what she saw and if I had any issues. I did think of something after we had left and forwarded an email to her later that night. Kerrie followed up on this the next morning. I have always found LJ Hooker to be quick on responses and very professional, I would have no hesitation in recommending Kerrie Lee and LJ Hooker Yarrabilba.

Sylvia - Yarrabilba Owner

Kerrie has been managing our property for some time now. We have always found her to be very professional and also great when it comes to giving advice on certain issues that arise. She is very approachable and always seems to be on top of everything that needs her attention. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience and has been a pleasure to work with.

Caitlin - Yarrabilba Owner

We have been tenants through LJH Yarrabilba since 2017 and never have we felt so respected as customers in they way the company handles every aspect of our tenancy thus far. Specifically, we wish to acknowledge your contribution in making this possible! We note that any of our concerns submitted in writing or via the phone have been resolved promptly by yourself. Whether it was organising a payment plan for a water bill of a delay in submitting lease renewal paperwork, you have demonstrated professionalism and patience and offer timely resolutions. Thanking you.

Anthony & Dlyne - Yarrabilba Tenant

We feel since Kerrie has been involved with our tenancy LJ Hooker has improved out of site in our eyes. We now enjoy good communication and respect even to the point of feeling exclusive as a tenant. Kerrie was a big factor when we decided to extend our tenancy agreement

Peter & Michelle - Yarrabilba Tenant

Kerrie Lee is fantastic! There is no problem too big or too small that she can help you with, and she never makes me feel like a burden. Kerrie is prompt, professional and friendly in all her dealings with me. I am very impressed with LJ Hooker Yarrabilba and Kerrie Lee, I highly recommend them.

Crissy - Yarrabilba Tenant

We have been in our house for around 8 months so far and Kerrie has been the most professional and helpful real estate agent we have had. She always puts all requests through to our owner asap and follows up accordingly until an answer is received. All maintenance is issued to trade suppliers in a timely manner and work is completed as quickly as possible. Could not highly recommend her as a property manager enough! Thank you Kerrie for all of your help so far and we look forward to renting through LJ Hooker Yarrabilba over the next few years

Rachel - Yarrabilba Tenant

I have found the communication and dealings with not only LJ Hooker Yarrabilba but my property manager Kerrie to be of a pleasant professional manner consistently which is difficult to find these days and with the "negative feedback" I had heard over the years about rental properties and being a single mum moving out into the real world was daunting. But not for LJ Hooker or Kerrie - I have dealt with them for over a year now and nothing is too small or too hard. They have followed through with everything communicated and promised within a prompt time frame. The whole process of tenancy has been a smooth and stress free process.

Karli - Tenant Yarrabilba

Our investment property has been managed by LJ Hooker Yarrabilba for almost 2 years. Kerrie Lee has been our ‘go to’ property manager for most of this time and has been an absolute pleasure to deal with. I have found her to be very professional, approachable and extremely knowledgeable with tenancy laws. She is respectful not only to me, but our tenants as well. Our property is kept in immaculate condition and could not be in better hands.

Alexa - Owner Yarrabilba

Our LJ Hooker property manager Kerrie Lee was terrific to deal with throughout our rental tenancy in Yarrabilba. She went out of her way to ensure a smooth transition when we ended our lease, and was always available to liaise with for any property issues or questions. Her continued professionalism, and above all else her high level of customer service and friendly attitude are a shining example in property management.

Michael - Tenant Yarrabilba

I wish to advise our complete satisfaction over the past 9 months to have Kerrie Lee as our Property Investment Manager at LJ Hooker, Logan Village. Kerrie has given us the best personalised attention at all times. She answers our requests promptly and politely and we know she has our interests at heart. Recently we had a challenging situation with a retaining wall and fence at our Yarrabilba property. We were finding it difficult to get a response from the neighbouring owner, let alone any action. Kerrie provided us with information on QCAT and the Neighbouring Fence Act and through her investigation and persistence we obtained a positive outcome today. Well done Kerrie. Thank you for all your efforts Kerrie. We appreciate what you do for us and we are very pleased that you are our Property Investment Manager.

Robert and Leanne - Owner Yarrabilba

As a property owner at Yarrabilba Qld. We decided to engage LJ Hooker Yarrabilba to act as our property manager after a rough experience with a previous company. We have found LJ Hooker to be excellent. They were able to find us a tenant in a timely manner. Since then Kerrie our property manager, has keep us up to date with regular inspections and is quick to respond to our emails. We have learnt communication is so vital so we can rest easy knowing Kerrie has everything under control. Thanks for taking care of us.

Craig - Owner Yarrabilba

I just would like to start off with how fast the last 6 months have flown by. Time really flies when you don’t have to stress about your property manager and real estate. Kerrie has prompt customer service and an overall lovely and professional property manager. She has given us more than sufficient notice for anything and takes all our concerns and thoughts seriously. She is an asset to LJ Hooker. LJ Hooker Yarrabilba have been without the slightest doubt the best real estate I have ever been with, and I’ve moved around a bit to try and find the perfect house and best suburb. The ease of communication with the beyond friendly staff has been remarkable. Who knew that property managers could care about your needs and concerns because I certainly didn’t know that until I took up a rental property with LJ Hooker Yarrabilba. The care and consideration has been amazing. I plan to stay on as a long term tenant thanks to the team at LJ Hooker. Your customer service is faultless. I wish this real estate all the best in the future and cannot praise them enough for what they do.

Zoe - Tenant Yarrabilba

My name is Heidi and I have been a tenant with LJ hooker Yarrabilba for almost a year. In the past 6 months, I have noticed a dramatic change within the running of this real estate and it’s management. And this change was definitely for the better. Kerrie is our property manager and she has always shown empathy, understanding and encouragement towards us. And she has made it clear that not only does she have the owners best interests in mind but also the tenants. Which has made our tenancy here run a lot more smoother than it would have been. I had previous concerns with LJ Hooker. Since these experiences the situation has been rectified and Kerrie has really been a God Send with LJ Hooker and I will only deal through her with everything and anything. This is my experience and I would rent or continue to rent as long as Kerrie was to remain as the property manager. LJ Hooker should and I’d say is happy to have Kerrie on board their team.

Heidi - Tenant Yarrabilba

In the short period of time that we have had Kerrie as our Property Manager we have seen an overall increase in customer service. Communication and response time is extremely important to us and Kerrie is very good in these areas.

Tania - Owner Yarrabilba

Kerrie Lee has being an awesome property manager for us. Nothing is ever a problem and she gets back to us promptly every time we have a concern. We do feel she takes an interest in our property and it shows with her professional approach to her job.we look foward to continuing to work with her. Highly recommend.

Jason - Owner Yarrabilba

I would just like to say thank you for your great Service over the past 6 months. You have been so helpful and all the staff at LJ Hooker Yarrabilba as well. It has made our Yarrabilba experience so enjoyable. The Services at LJ Hooker Yarrabilba have improved over the past 6 mths and we are really in touch with all that is happening in our area. Thank you again,

Lyn - Owner Yarrabilba

Kerrie and the team at LJ Hooker Yarrabilba have looked after my investment property for just over 2 years now. Kerrie and the team have been fantastic, I have a busy job that has me travelling internationally on a regular basis, and having a single point of contact who understands the property, understands me as an owner, and takes accountability for making sure the tenants are happy and the property is well cared for gives me great piece of mind and comfort. In the last 6 months they've invested heavily in new technology which allows me easy access to all of my statements, maintenance requests, and documentation which makes life much simpler, streamlining all of my administrative tasks. Based on the service and professionalism of Kerrie and the team I even moved a second property, which was with another agency, to be under their care as the LJ Hooker team gave me such a great experience.

Mark - Owner Yarrabilba

My partner and I recently moved to Yarrabilba late last year and have been renting through LJ Hooker and could not be happier with our whole experience so far. We were approved and moved in within a week with the help of Kerrie! The day we got the keys we asked if we were allowed to get a puppy in our new home, and Kerrie got an answer for us in minutes of us asking :) on top of all that, she goes above and beyond for her tenants, Kerrie noticed we had no lounge suite in our home during our most recent inspection, and managed to help us source one from someone who had no need for one anymore! We’re so humbled after such a lovely gesture and could not be happier with LJ Hooker Yarrabilba 10/10!

Louisa - Tenant Yarrabilba

I have had the privilege to have my rental property at Yarrabilba managed by Kerrie Lee from LJ Hooker Yarrabilba. Throughput the management of my property to date I have always been kept fully informed and updated. The screening of tenants has been professionally managed as has the feedback in regard to the care and maintenance of my rental home. I am advised of payments due for such things as Landlord Insurance and Pest Control in a timely manner. The video update provided of home inspection is an excellent way to convey the outcome of the inspection and always puts my mind at rest. Rental payments are always forwarded on time and if I have a query it is always responded to with 24 hours. I appreciate the high level of professional service I receive from Kerrie and her team. I never worry about the rental property as I know it 's management is in the best hands possible. I will continue to put my investment in such a professional and trustworthy Real Estate as LJHooker. Regards

Tricia - Owner Yarrabilba

We have been very happy with the services you have provided. I have noticed prompt replies to emails and any issues we have brought to your attention have been dealt with in a timely matter. We have also noticed how approachable and reasonable you are which makes dealing with you rather stress free. In the past we have found some inspections have been extremely meticulous and this caused some anxiety when performed, on the last inspection you have honest feedback and made the whole process relaxed yet professional. Thank you.

Krystal - Tenant Yarrabilba

Thank you Kerrie for your service and being a better operator than our previous property managers - your negotiation skills are very good. You and the team at LJ Hooker Yarrabilba certainly guided us through the renewals of the lease given that tenancy occupancy lead times are getting bigger due to high supply. Keep up the good work.

Sundeep & Shalini

I have been using LJ Hooker, Yarrabilba, to manage a few of my investment properties over the last few years, and they have been great to work with. Having had a difficult tenant, recently, Kerrie Lee, ‘stepped up to the mark’, and with professionalism and dedication, addressed the situation, and with minimal fuss, was able to replace the troublesome tenant with a fantastic new one. Kerrie is so dedicated to her work, that she made herself available on a Sunday, to ensure the matter went smoothly, with my best interests at heart. Kerrie Lee is, very much, a credit to the team at LJ Hooker, Yarrabilba.

Glen - Owner Yarrabilba

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